28 February, 2020

Mail Goes Digital

CROC Digital Insight delivered the results of the global study on digital maturity of postal operators, revealing that more than 70% of companies are developing and investing in digital services. 
At the open seminar, Russian Post unveiled advanced document digitization, storage, and delivery solutions for leading Russian and international companies. 

Askar Bagaviev, Head of Digitalization and Transformation Practice at CROC Digital Insight, delivered a presentation on international digital practices of postal operators, stating that traditional postal operators are losing profits because banks are actively developing their mailing and delivery offering. Over 70% of postal operators believe that going digital can fix this and are thus developing digital services and investing in technologies more and more year-over-year. Russian Post faces serious competition as a result of this trend, like its peers around the world. 

"The majority of leading global postal operators have already started digital transformation, with Russian Post being no exception. Over the last three years, the operator successfully completed a number of digital initiatives such as improving e-platforms, digitizing documents, digitalizing logistics processes, and developing a mobile app. This is not just in response to the efforts of other mainstream players, but a carefully planned strategy to stay in the market, maintain a competitive advantage, and generate new sources of income," said the Askar Bagaviev.