Digital business transformation

Digital business transformation means thorough revision of company’s products, customer experience, as well as business and operating models. This is the only way for business to adequately address market changes, open up new development opportunities, boost performance, increase revenue, and gain a competitive edge.

CROC's proprietary digital transformation methodology helps businesses undergo a drastic shift when breakthrough and disruptive technologies shape an agile environment for a customer to plan and manage continuous change and innovation. Knowing industry specifics, international best practices, and peculiarities of doing business in Russia, we do identify growth opportunities and choose the best-fit solutions for the customer's digital business transformation.

Together with the customer, we study the current business processes and CX/UX, proceed with design thinking sessions and CustDev, and scrutinize data to reveal illuminating insights. Thus, we help the customer realize whether it pays to digitalize a particular process or create a new product for the existing business function. The result is a branching transformation roadmap for the customer to choose the right path.

To make digital transformation an integral part of corporate life and ensure continuous change and improvement, a company needs its own transformation stakeholders, along with a relevant value paradigm. Here, CROC Digital Insight steps in, assisting the customer in forming its internal transformation task force that will foster a brand-new corporate culture and inspire new ideas and initiatives within the company.

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