Transformation enabled CROC to successfully launch new business lines and boost revenue by 25%

projects per year
Losing leadership in the rapidly changing market
  1. Average annual revenue growth rate falling to 2-3%
  2. Profitability of operations falling by 15%
  3. Limited market potential of current products and services
Massive in-company transformation covering all areas of business
  1. Defining key transformation vectors and elements, and dividing the transformation process into “as is” state assessment, growth opportunity identification, design, and implementation phases
  2. Testing the tools and validating the need in transformation (using one of business functions as an example), as well as clarifying transformation goals, objectives, scale, and duration
  3. Performing end-to-end transformation covering all business functions and areas
3,6 billion
revenue growth: by 25% instead of 10% forecast
faster decision making
more customers
fewer project selling expenses
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