Increasing the share of people using the agency’s public services in electronic form, from 20% to 75%

23 000
requests per year
111 requests
for a technical specialist per year
20% people
are receiving services in electronic form
Legacy IT systems cannot solve current tasks
A public authority is running a program to improve service availability and operational efficiency.
IT function is outdated and insufficient to achieve program goals.
A unified IT system concept should be developed in line with operational goals and information security requirements.
Legacy IT systems cannot solve current tasks
Scrutinizing 30+ information systems and identifying 58 pains
Preparing 34 initiatives, feasibility study, and 14 SOWs
Developing and testing a system prototype, adjusting requirements specification, and describing a system design
3,6 billion
allocated for the IT upgrade program for 2018 - 2022
people to receive services in electronic form
faster service request processing
increase in technical specialist performance
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