Conceptual design of education platform for 80,000+ employees of Russian industrial enterprises

Russian regions
10 тыс. enterprises
to be involved
80 000
are to get access to training tools
Lack of a competence management platform
  1. An organization is running a nation-wide project to improve labor productivity at Russian industrial enterprises.
  2. The project is intended to provide 80,000+ employees of 10,000 enterprises with access to training tools.
  3. To ensure project success, a single competence management system should be developed.
Platform conceptual design and prototyping
  1. Developing a platform concept, including description of its product and service functionality, a “to be” set of systems, and technical architecture
  2. Making a detailed development roadmap, including action plan, budget assessment, and KPIs
  3. Developing and testing a platform prototype, and connecting first users
>5% a year
average labor productivity growth at Russian industrial enterprises by 2024
labor productivity growth at 290+ enterprises by 2022
enterprises involved are to achieve project goals within 3 years
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